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If you've read between the lines of the Cosmic Lava, than you know that aside my deep love for ultra-heavy Rock (Doom/Sludge etc.) , I got also a big passion for the early rock history of Detroit. And I don't see that big difference between these musical styles. I'm too old for this childish seperations and if you take a close look to bands like the almighty St.Vitus or The Obsessed , it's obvoius to hear that these guys were also influenced by acts like The Stooges, MC5, The Third Power, The Alice Cooper Band and so on. THE HYDROMATICS are fronted by singer and guitarist Scott Morgan, who has been part of the Detroit 60's outfit The Rationals and later joined in the mid-70's the legendary and excellent Sonics Rendezvous Band, featuring Fred "Sonic" Smith (ex-MC5) on guitar, Scott Asheton (ex-Stooges) on drums and Gary Rasmussen (ex-The Up's) on bass. Nearly thirty years are over but the energy and the vibe of SRB is still alive and with the second album of THE HYDROMATICS Scott Morgan continues and still embodies like no other the spirit of the Motor City.

Like on the first album "Parts Unknown", you can listen to a couple of new recorded SRB tracks ("Asteroid B-612", "Sweet Nothing", "Love And Learn" etc.) and new compostions which are on the same energetic level. Few of the songs are enriched with brass-section and female background singer and there's a big Soul vibe in it. It's exciting to listen to all the re-recorded SRB tracks, because this awesome band only recorded one 7" ("City Slang") in the 70's and I've never understood, why they haven't get the chance to record a full-length. But now we've got THE HYDROMATICS!!! In difference to the first album Nick Royale (The Hellacopters) is no more part of the line-up, but that not really important. "Powerglide" includes thirteen amazing tracks and if you're looking for an authentic soulful and energetic r 'n' r album than go and buy this very recommandable one! Here's the original! It has been released on the Italian Freakshow label, but you can order it via Cargo Records. For actual infos, please visit THE HYDROMATICS webpage.