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THE HOLY GHOST (Welcome To Ignore Us) CD

Nice album-title, and if I hadn't received this promo, I would've have surely ignored this band. I guess, this is the right stuff for fans of The Strokes, Kaiser Chiefs and whatever is "hip" today. Still, it's a big mystery to me, why all this bands are so on top as if they had invented sliced bread. In moments like this, I can't help in quoting  Public Enemy: "Don't believe the hype!". Ok, back to this disc, which isn't easy for me to review, because I can't stand the vocalist who is sounding like a cross between Richard Hell at its worst and one of the singer from above mentioned bands....don't know. As I said before: my interest in such bands is VERY low and all their ghay singers are sounding to me as the last one. Ok, I must confess that the disc contains a very few songs, that I like as for example "Did I Wear U Out", which reminds me to wild 60's Detroit rock. And it's nice, that they have integrated a horn section in "Genghis Khan", while "Chez Parée" knows to surprise me with it's swinging groove. But mostly, "Welcome To Ignore Us" is boring as hell, and the dramatic "Pyramid" is slowly killing my good mood. Higly recommandable for teenagers in love, but I'm too old for this stuff!