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THE HIDDEN HAND (De-Sensitized) 7"

Before THE HIDDEN HAND issued their full length "Divine Propaganda" on Meteor City Records/Exile On Mainstream Records, their first life sign was this excellent collectors item, released on the small Maryland-based label McCarthyism Records. The track "De-Sensitized" is divided into two different parts; first one knows to convince with good lyrics, while the flipside is all instrumental. "De-Sensitized" contains all the good things of THE HIDDEN HAND, like Wino's and Bruce Falkinburg's outstanding vocal delivery, heavy high-quality riffs and the dynamic drumming-style of Dave Hennessy. This single is recommandable as the album, and so there's no reason to leave this out of your collection, especially if you dig Wino's work. I like to close this review with two statements, I found inside the cover: "The underground patriot will always prevail. True Underground patriots will lead our children away from the brotherhood of deceit and their machinations." Hope you dig it!!!