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I remember when I received the first self-titled demo from this Swedish band a few years ago. Their metallic heavy rock was a bit too average for my taste, although it was obvious that they had the technical skills to reach a higher more original level. But the new demo "Damned", recorded in 2004 including four new heavy tunes, changed my opinion about THE GODDAMNED and I can honestly say that they have done a big step forward. I would like to draw attention especially to three tracks, the smashing hyper-powered opener "High Noon" that sounds a bit like Pentagram's "Relentless", "Mark My World" and "The Beauty Of The Beast" bear surprising turns and reminding me to Black Sabbath mixed with a healthy dose Motörhead. The closing track "Rise" is nothing special, although here are some fine and brutal heavy riffs to find. THE GODDAMNED have a stronger metallic sound than other Swedish heavy rock bands, and they aren't only influenced from the 70's. The crisp and sharp guitarwork is classic heavy metal, but still very bluesy and inspiring. For being "just" a demo, the overall production is fat and massive, without any lacks. The booklet includes all lyrics which are well worth to take a look at. No "party-all-night-long" shit! This band will not change the future of heavy metal rock. But they serve a purpose: music to frighten your parents with. Their full-length should be one to look out for and meanwhile I give you the advice to order this professional demo for Euro5/$6 incl. p&p from the band.