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Once again Small Stone Records is proving us their good taste, and so they have released the Pack's second album. And this one smokes from the intro until the last dirty fuzz-driven powerchord has been played on the last doom-laden track "JJim Beam and Good Green". This is an excellent brew of 60's organ-based Garage Psych Rock, fueled to the max with Detroit gas, Delta Blues and wrapped up into heavy riffage. There's fuzz and wah-wah all over and the cool and, sometimes, distorted vocals are ripping through this sonic waltz. And with plenty of interesting ideas and breaks "Powderkeg" will become one of the outstanding releases of 2002. This boys got style, blues and soul and enough Sex in their songs, but they are still aggressive enough like the devastating "Demolition Derby" or the furious "Shut Up & Ride". What I like is this refreshing energy in all ten songs and this passionate heaviness that shines through the whole album. This is one of the best newer Rock'n'Roll albums I have listen to in the last time and it comes in a very original and stylish cover-artwork. THE GLASSPACK are far away from all this uninspired heavy bands today and "Powderkeg" is a highly recommandable album, that REALLY rocks. The message is clear and so it's up to you to get a copy of it. This band must be amazing live and I'm waiting for their first European tour, maybe together with Zen Guerilla. This disc is available through Small Stone and visit THE GLASSPACK for more infos.