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For me as a huge fan of Black Sabbath I will always associate the title of this album with their genuine track from the 'Technical Ecstasy' record, but THE GLASSPACK have not really much in common with Birmingham's master of  heaviness. Kentucky's THE GLASSPACK merge rock 'n' roll, delta blues and heavy rock to create a perfect blend which  is explosive like a truckload of dynamite. This is really kick-ass rock 'n' roll, where the blues left a big footprint and it has more energy than all this boring bands, who think about themselves that they kick-ass. Their powerful rock is fresh and full, lending the material a life that frankly it may not otherwise have had. The previous album 'Bridgeburner' didn't impress me much, but 'Dirty Women' is closer to their second album 'Powerkeg', what is their still their best work for me. THE GLASSPACK can write short and explosive cuts, and almost the complete album consists of songs like this, but 'Louisiana Strawberry' showcases that they aren't afraid to write a heavy blues number with a running time of more than ten minutes. 'Dirty' Dave Johnson is not only a cool singer, but also a talented songwriter. His guitar playing is rich on details and always effective, no matter if he comes up with heavy riffs or smoking solos. Of course the other three guys are also doing an amazing job, especially Brian Foor, who's playing keyboard and organ. He's one of the reasons, why THE GLASSPACK is sometimes wandering into Stooges territory, what's always a good choice. A tight rhythm section is the guarantee for a constant mind-blowing punch so that this power blues unit is always so dangerously convincing. I've never seen this band live, but I suppose that they're an amazing and unstoppable force on stage. Meanwhile I'll enjoy this album very often and if you like your rock 'n' roll heavy and bluesy, than THE GLASSPACK is worth checking out. Who needs a flame-thrower when you have a band like this!?