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THE GLASSPACK (Bridgeburner) CD

I'm still a huge fan of the PACK's previous album "Powderkeg", and so I was really excited when their new album arrived in the Lava's mailbox. And once again, this guys are here with another bulldozering fuzz-laden attack. There are only a few changes in their high-octane fuzzy Rock 'n' Roll brew and this guys know where they're heading. Towards a white glowing as the result of leaving behind all energy-limits. This is sparkling with energy, flashing with enthusiasm and as frontal attack as possible, a synapse-crunching racket. The contributions of Phil Durr (Big Chief) and Ed Mundell (Monster Magnet, Atomic Bitchwax) are excellent and making the PACK's muscle-packed Rock just more exciting. This is high energy, without ripping of the MC5/Stooges back catalogue, but they are also punching their way through some heavily rolling psychedelic feedback noise, without losing their tightness. "Dirty" Dave's vocals are mostly distorted and nastier, without leaving its soul behind while the band behind attacks with the next package of killer riffs. This is a declaration of war, meant in a positive and mind-expanding way. Feel the flames of "Bridgeburner" and move ya ass like you never did it before. This is a must-have album!!! This will leave you stunned, and even the cover-version of "Gimmie Shelter" knows to kill.