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THE GLASSPACK (American Exhaust) LP

This is a re-issue of THE GLASSPACK's first album, that has been released the first time in 2001 on Dirty Dave's label, Riverrock Records, edited in a limited edition of 1000 CD's. Now two years later 4 Walls Records, have done a pretty good job. Due to the reasons, that the label's two owners, who are also playing in Gravitron, are good friends of THE GLASSPACK, the deal with Dirty Dave, the leadsinger was done quickly and friendly. To compare this one with the excellent follow-up "Powderkeg", things are much rougher here, but not less entertaining. THE GLASSPACK are loaded with the right influences, that refer from the Stooges to the Sonics to Black Sabbath. The heavy result simply rocks and rolls, but in a very convicing manner, what is really hard in an overcrowded genre like this.

Here are lot of great hooks, and the band isn't only repeating the same texture again. If it's one thing, all tracks got in common here, it's the heaviness, that is giving the right thrust into the sound, and the dirty and passionate vocals of Dirty. But THE GLASSPACK have also thrown in the the right dose of psychedelic, especially when the guitar is drowning in a sea of wah-wah and fuzz effects. The sound of the thick vinyl is much better, than the CD, and it makes the album sounding like one of those old early-70's records. I hope this re-issue, strictly limited to 400 copies worldwide, reminds the world to this outstanding band. The artwork cover folds out into a poster, that Dirty originally exhibited in a gallery showing in Louisville, KY, USA. At least, it's all about the music, and in this case it's very inspiring and refreshing. You can order this LP directly from the website of 4 Walls Records, and I give you the advice to do it!