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It's not the new album from THE FLAMING SIDEBURNS, but an excellent 12-song compilation, which marks the band's return to Bad Afro Records. Still, it's a mistery to me, why they didn't get as famous as The Hellacopters, because they have learned their High Energy-60's Garage-Rock-lessons as good as their Swedish partners-in-crime. But, whatever the reason is, 'Back To The Grave' features some unreleased and hard-to-find songs, which are dated back to the recording sessions for both full-lenghts as well as from the time between. None of this tracks are sounding like lame leftovers, and have all the drive, soul and dirt this kind of 60's-injected rock 'n' roll needs.

So it's no surprise, that the seven presented cover-songs have been taken  from 60's groups like The Wailers ('Bad Trip'), The Del-Vettes ('Last Time Around'), The Sonics ('High Time'), The Renegades ('13 Women'), and they are also payin' their dues to one of the big forefathers of rock 'n' roll Little Richard ('Bama Lama Loo'). But, hey, two surprises are hidden here; the first one is an awesome cover of James Gang's 'Funk #49', with additional female background singers and extra percussion. The second surpise is 'Are You Ready' from Michigan's finest Grand Funk Railroad, and even here THE FLAMING SIDEBURNS deliver only the best.

The here included first two new songs, entitled 'Runnin' On Fumes' and 'Black Moon' (great treack with Spanish lyrics) show great promise for the upcoming album. The CD edtion contains a video of the song 'Evil Woman', which isn't the one that has been covered by Black Sabbath, too, but this is from The Troggs. 'Back To The Grave' is a compilation, which is far beyond from being worthless or superfluous, and should be part of your collection if you love good music!