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THE :EGOCENTRICS (Mystic Initiation Demo) MCD-R

I admit that I'm totally uninformed about what goes on in the heavy music scene of Romania. Is there a scene at all? Before I received this disc from Romania, I never thought about stuff like that, but THE :EGOCENTRICS prove that there's is an awareness for 1970's-influenced heavy psych in their country. Now I'm a little bit wiser, and this demo is a pretty good introduction to that scene. If more bands are like this, than it's time to check them out as soon as possible. This is their first demo that has been recorded between August and September 2008 in their hometown Timisoara. 'Mystic Initiation' consists of two epic tracks, that are both equally enjoyable. Blues and 70's psychedelic rock are flowing like fresh blood through their instrumental heavy rock, and I'm surprised about the good quality of their blend.

During the whole running time of each track, which is between twelve and fourteen minutes, bass and drums concentrate on the permanent flow of their grooves while guitarist Brenn is starting he's lonely trippy excursions through the world of Jimi Hendrix that also can include some funky licks. Their music spreads the vibe of a jam-session, but it's well-balanced between compositional discipline and improvisation. The samples of Aldous Huxley and Terence Mckenna in the second track are well-integrated and intensify the psychedelic mood of the this song. At least there's a dynamically balanced production that emphasizes the organic, earthy sound of THE :EGOCENTRICS. This is a very good start from a new band, which deserves more attention. Fans of bands like Colour Haze, Earthless, Samsara Blues Experiment or Jimi Hendrix' Band of Gypies should take notice from this powertrio.