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THE :EGOCENTRICS (Center Of The Cyclone) LP/CD

With their second album 'Center Of The Cyclone', THE :EGOCENTRICS impressively prove that they are not running out of ideas. It seems as if the band became weary of their epic monster jams, and instead focus on shorter, catchier songs. Despite the changes, THE :EGOCENTRICS still haven't lost any of their characteristics. The jazzy approach really comes into its own because THE :EGOCENTRICS play in a more intuitive, improvisational style even if some of the songs are more straightforward on the new record. A deep and fuzzy guitar tone generates a compelling atmosphere that draws me in, whereas the band places a great deal of value on well-elaborated dynamics. They can build a towering wall of sound that is heavy to the core, but they could as well be very restrained and sensitive. This is what lets 'Center Of The Cyclone' come alive.

Furthermore, the band is able to create different moods, ranging from light-heartedness to melancholy. The listener thereby has the impression that this album is like a soundtrack of an unreleased movie, and the sparsely integrated vocal samples intensify that feeling. 'The Unknown Sings' is one of my favourite tracks on this record, simply because it combines the advantages of THE :EGOCENTRICS to perfection. It's loud, massive and mesmerizing, but also introverted and bittersweet. And here as well, vocals would only get in the way and it's good to hear that the band stands firm in their instrumental concept, because that suits them very well.

It is also of note that the 1970s rock influences took a back seat. There are tracks such as 'Sink Or Swim' and 'Blissful Idiot' which are moving more in a 1980's indie rock direction. And even if I don't like both tunes too much, I must say that they perfectly fit in. I feel more attracted to the 1970's infected tunes on 'Center Of The Cyclone' as, for example, 'Intuition And Coincidence' which is the calmest track here and unfolds an almost dream-like aura. 'Lost And Found' mixes later Colour Haze with the Jimi Hendrix Experience and the result is very satisfying. So, if you love the band's first album 'Love Fear Choices And Astronauts', than you will surely like 'Center Of The Cylone'. As previously mentioned, there are a few changes but everything fits neatly into their heavy tube-driven sound and there's enough diversity in the sonic flow. All in all, THE :EGOCENTRICS are one of the best new heavy psych bands around right now. This is a recording that leaves you thirsting for a live performance.