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THE DISEASE CONCEPT (Liquor Bottles And Broken Steel) CD

Every once in a while, I like to absorb myself in misanthropically heavy, sludgy sonic darkness. To meet this need, THE DISEASE CONCEPT are very welcome to my world because they have everything that a first-class sludge band needs. In addition, 'Liquor Bottles And Broken Steel' has even more to offer, namely 5 killer songs which shred and crack into the skull in order to remain there for a long time. But that is actually no surprise, if you check the line-up of THE DISEASE CONCEPT. It features vocalist Jesse Kling (vocals) and Chris Griffiths (bass), who are both among others in Sollubi. Added to this are Corey Bing (drums) from Fistula as well as Solace guitarist Tommy Southard and Blood Farmers guitarist Dave 'Depraved' Szulkin.

It is hardly necessary to point out that this five guys know their craft. Thus, it's impressive to hear how the different styles merge transitionless into a new powerful force. From the gigantic sounding riffs to Jesse Kling's belligerent and abrasive vocals, THE DISEASE CONCEPT perfectly capture the essence of heaviest, hard rocking sludge metal that is driven by a filthy punk attitude. The listener is even treated to a few unexpected twists and turns while the riffs roil and churn like molten magma.

Although each of the guys does an excellent job here, special mention should be made of Jesse Kling who does not dwell in a Mike Williams-like, grating style (which would certainly wreck 'Liquor Bottles And Broken Steel'). He is definitely in a class of its own and I'm pretty sure that his vocals could cut through steel. Amongst other factors, this is ensured by the raw yet molasses-thick production for which Big Metal Dave (Son of Jor-El, ex-Fistula) is responsible. I save it to me to pick out outstanding tracks precisely because every single song is a glorious jaw crusher. Cutting to the chase, 'Liquor Bottles And Broken Steel' is like the epitome of power and an absolutely essential listening for all connoisseurs of sludge. And the great cover artwork (that comes in a DVD case) of Scott Stearns fits like a glove.