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THE DEFECTORS (Bruised And Satisfied) LP/CD

With the new album, THE DEFECTORS entered the world of Psychobilly, without losing their 60's Garage Punk roots. Maybe I should delete the term Psychobilly, but I have The Meteors very often on my mind, while listening to 'Bruised And Satisfied'. Of course, it's not wrong to mention also The Cramps here, because the album has a creepy and horror-influenced sound, and song-titles like 'Dancing Ghouls', 'Creepy Crawl' or 'I want blood' are speaking for themselves. In opposite to both legendary bands, THE DEFECTORS have a huge and heavy sound, which is not very usual for bands in this genre.

Thanks to the producer, but I can imagine, that this group also rules every small venue in their hometown in Denmark. The farfisa organ sends out a nice 1960's vibe, and is not only an additional instrument but more an important one here. Singer Mort Harder owns a frightenly intense vocals, which can be extremely aggressive as in 'Bruised and Satisfied', but also more mellow, without losing its demonic vibe. A few songs have a bittersweet mood, like 'The Final Thrill' where the band is showing their 1960's influence. Another cool track is 'I want blood', with its irresistible sexy groove, which suddenly ends with a nice idea. The album also contains some songs, I won't remember after an hour, because they are just so damn typical for this genre.

In opposite to other 1960's influenced bands from Denmark like On Trial or Baby Woodrose, this is less heavy rock but more psychotic and for my taste too obstrusive after a while. Fans of above mentioned bands should check out THE DEFECTORS, because I guess they will love 'em. I will only pick out three or four songs from the album. The label is Bad Afro Records, one of the best addresses for the varied styles, which have been born during the 60's.