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THE DEEP BLUE (Antarctic Abyss) CD

I've never been a huge fan of Sleep's 'Jerusalem', but it means a lot to some people. So it's just logical that this monumental record did also influence other musicians, and among this worshippers we have THE DEEP BLUE. Hailing from the UK, this three-piece love Sleep, but they are clever enough to create their own heavy sound, instead of being a poor imitation of their models. The new hopeful German label The Church Within Records did notice that, too, and 'Antarctic Abyss' is the band's debut, which consists of two long epic songs. I wished THE DEEP BLUE have recorded more tracks than only two, because I really dig what they are doing here. 'Under The Ice/The Resurrection' is the first monolithic song that hypnotizes the listener with riff-centric patterns, while the ritualistic vocals are making this powerful sonic mantra complete. Without any break this song fade over into  'Haunting Tide/The Freezing Storm' where majestic and gigantic riffs are accompanied by a steady drum beat. Within the first seconds of the song it sounds, as if the band have integrated a organ but no additional instruments are noted in the booklet.

Maybe it's just an obscure sound of the guitar or whatsoever, but the effect is really original and makes it more psychedelic. Again the singing is more like chanting, while the vocals start to whisper a short line before they start to repeat it. Then after six minutes it seems as if the song has reached it ends, but suddenly a powerful beat pushes the band into another direction before it ends with the same theme with whom 'Antarctic Abyss' began. It's obvious that the icey waters of the antarctic sea with all its beautiful icebergs have had a big impact on the music of THE DEEP BLUE, and this must be seen as a conceptual release. With a strong sound, and enough intriguing riffs and ideas, the stage is fully set for far greater things. The potential is here and it's up to this guys to make the best out of it. I'm sure they'll do it!