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THE CRYSTAL CARAVAN (Against The Rising Tide) CD

If there's a promo CD I can't get out of my player, it's the second album from THE CRYSTAL CARAVAN, a seven-member retro rock band from Umeå, Sweden. This guys are not only highly gifted songwriter but also technically sophisticated musicians. They have also a lot of energy, and it is no coincidence that sometimes there are parallels to The Rationals and the MC5. Just like the godfathers of high energy rock, a couple of the included eight tracks are refined with a stronge dosage of finest 1960's Motown soul. A good example of this is 'Love And Direction' which is powered by an infectious groove. The wave of energy hits the listener like a speeding truck - and not just here, but in general. Nevertheless, there are some quiet moments as well.

But there was more good music in the late 1960's/early 1970's and that is why THE CRYSTAL CARAVAN refuse to restrict themselves to one musical direction. 'Focus' cannot deny its direct relationship to The Doors, but fortunately it doesn't mutate to a poor imitation. Here again, vocalist Niklas 'RG' Gustafsson shows his talent. He is the one who adds the final touches to the already passionate and powerful songs, while organist Jonas Linsköld always manages to place emphasis on the right issues. However, as was mentioned earlier, THE CRYSTAL CARAVAN operates as perfectly as a Swiss clockwork. That's what I call perfect chemistry. A further advantage of this album is that it is very cohesive so that you can enjoy this wild ride from start to finish.

Dynamics have been used skilfully and there's not a single note to much, every pause adds tension. To describe their music, I could obviously mention many other well-known bands from the golden age of rock, but that would give the impression that THE CRYSTAL CARAVAN have no own ideas. Well, that is definitely not the case. 'Against The Rising Tide' is a marvelous and explosive album which comes along absolutely refreshing. It supports their top position in the genre of 60's/70's influenced retro rock and if you cannot get enough of that then it's about time to purchase a copy from your trusted record dealer.