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THE BROUGHT LOW is not entirely new and unfamiliar - they've been in existence since more than seven years and have toured and toured, including the usual changes in the line-up. Still I guess that they are a blank page to most of my readers, although their self-titled debut album on Tee Pee Records, which has been released in 1999, earned them a lot of good reviews and more. I didn't rate this album too high, because  THE BROUGHT LOW was just another retro hard rock band for me. Now it's 2006, the band signed with Small Stone Records, 'Right On Time' is their second full-length, and since I've received this promo I changed my mind completely about this band.  Their music is still rooted in the 70's, but it's much more than the next vintage flashback.  THE BROUGHT LOW know about the blues, the energy of rock 'n' roll, and the heaviness of rock.

'Right On Time' is about the nicest selection of ten tunes breathing diverse influences and still standing strong and tall as a solid unit. The opener 'A Better Life' kicks off with all the blues-laden energy from Tony McPhee's Groundhogs, while 'This Ain't No Game' is charged with high-energy rock and 'Shakedown' is heavy blues-drenched hitter. This are just three examples, but you can expect much more soulful surprises here. That's class, you know, and they've got a lot of it! These tunes just cry for a live performance because of the impact inherent. And nobody should call this powertrio a "stonerrock" band, because they play the kind of vintage hard rock, that existed long before someone had the stupid idea of this term.  THE BROUGHT LOW, please keep the promise you've given with 'Right On Time'. You could be our finest!