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THE BLACK (Peccatis Nostris / Capistrani Pugnator) CD

This Italian band deals with occult and mystic themes, and so it's no real surprise that they are on Black Widow Records . But in opposite to other Black Widow bands, this guys aren't playing any sort of prog rock and they are more in a classic Heavy Metal vein, comparable to the period of the NWOBHM. Like a very few of the old British bands, THE BLACK have a slight doom-laden sound, although this band got not much in common with a band like Saint Vitus f.e. This CD contains two albums, but due to missing informations I'm not sure if this is a reissue. THE BLACK are using their native language, what makes the sound a bit more original, but after a while I can't stand the vocals, because they are sounding very average and a bit too weak for my taste. There's no big difference between both here included albums, and there aren't much highlights here. A few nice ideas and riffs, but all in all it leaves me very cold. I think, THE BLACK are an interesting band for fans and/or collectors of obscure Heavy Metal bands, but to all others I recommend to leave your hands off.