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Not many bands would manage to record a heavy rock album that consists of only one extra-long song. Most of them were doomed to fail, quite simply because they have no good ideas or they lack the technical skills. THE ATOMIC BITCHWAX is the absolute opposite - they demonstrated their creativity and versatility most aesthetically in their very first album already. At that time, Ed Mundell (ex-Monster Magnet) was in the band and even if he's a good guitarist, he was not the main reason for the band's heavy high energy sound. This is also proved by 'The Local Fuzz'. Furthermore it also displays a musical integrity that only a few bands ever achieve.

From the beginning THE ATOMIC BITCHWAX is firing on all cylinders and the stylistic bandwidth of the band is as extraordinary as their way of combining all these elements together. This is an unbelievable wild ride through the land of hard funk, 1960's psychedelic rock and 1970's hardrock that was refinded with a progressive edge. In doing this, they shine with constant uber-coolness and technical supremacy. Fortunately there are no vocals because they would only distract from this blistering and powerful 42-minute musical spectacle. It's also the tight band and the spacey grooves that will have you coming back again and again.

But after almost 24 minutes the band takes a short break and delves into 1970's porn aesthetics and leaves more room for a synth-like guitar effect. Don't worry, it sounds creepier than it is and shortly afterwards the next heavy riff is the reason for a coitus interruptus. A few minutes later, THE ATOMIC BITCHWAX show once again that they love heavy psychedelic funk. The spirit of bands such as The Undisputed Truth, Black Merda and of course Funkadelic is omnipresent. Due to the reason that I totally dig this bands, I am very pleased with the funk influence on 'The Local Fuzz'. To sum it up, this album is a pounding firestorm that will gonna kick your ass at least until you melt together with this rock-funk-psych-prog apocalypse. Needless to say, there is nothing boring about this record. Excellent work!