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TERRORBLADE (Thrash Will Strike Back!) MCD

If bassplayer Michael 'MetalB' Bolle isn't out with his pals of Tortured Spirit, then he dedicates himself completely to another main occupation and that's TERRORBLADE. Due to the title of their second self financed EP it is quite obvious that TERRORBLADE has nothing in common with heavy Sabbath-esque riffs. Instead, this three guys unleash a furious and mind-blowing thrash metal cyclone that is based on the 1980's. However, TERRORBLADE is no soulless imitation of that fertile period, so don't get me wrong. They have more than enough ideas to differ from all the trendy retro thrash bands that crawl out of their holes. 'Thrash Will Strike Back!' consists of seven tracks brimming with unexpected variation in tempo so that there actually is never any second of boredom. The musicians do an excellent job, nothing fancy, but they work well together in creating some very powerful and brutal music. Michael 'MetalB' Bolle's vocals are venemous and match perfectly with the thick and crunchy guitar sound. Whenever I listen to 'Thrash Will Strike Back', I'm blown away by the large number of killer riffs that guitarist Thomas 'Persil!' Engel has in his arsenal. Believe it or not, but this guy shows no mercy. I don't think that it makes much sense to analyse or describe single songs, because this EP forms a cohesive whole. Apart from the music, I have to express my highest praise for the wonderfully designed booklet. The cover artwork reawakens reminiscences of the 1980's and the booklet contains all lyrics and some cool black and white photos. I hope that TERRORBLADE will soon have a chance to present their music to a wider audience, because they're superior to other recent thrash metal bands, and that is a fact.