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TERRORAMA (Omnipotence) LP/CD

Without a doubt, TERRORAMA's second album is a fine example of ultra-aggressive thrash metal that comes along like a relentless firestorm. Song titles like 'Inseminated with Scorn', 'Immaculate Genocide' or 'Misanthropic Genius' show that the lyrics have nothing in common with the party attitude of other thrash metal bands, and the album is powered by pure hate. Now it could be the case that the musical execution is much tamer than the lyrical content, but even there TERRORAMA has the skills to channelize their overpowering energy. Most of the eight songs are fast as lightning, refined with a slight dash of black metal, whilst vocalist Peter Lidén (who's also the chief of I Hate Records) spreads his hateful words with an enormous power. Admittedly, 'Omnipotence' is lacking in variety at times and I wished that they had recorded more songs in the vein of 'Misanthropic Genius' that overflows by a cool Hellhammer influence, but the technical qualities and the uncompromising attitude compensate it. The production is stripped down to the bones and lay emphasis on the raw and coarse sound. Despite all brutality some of the songs surprise with hooks and memorable refrains, even so TERRORAMA downgrade a "band" like Toxic Holocaust to an average pop-metal outfit. Nuclear War Now! Productions made a good start into 2009 with this release, and if you're tired of all that boring trendy retro thrash metal shit or if you just hate the human race, then 'Omnipotence' will satisfy your needs.