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TERRAPLANE (Low Tide And Shockwave) CD-R

Unfortunately this German band broke up much too soon, but this self-released compilation will make the farewell easy. 'Low Tide And Shockwave' has been released in 2007 and include rare material from the years 2002 - 2005. All eleven songs have been recorded with the former drummer Andreas Herbst and a few of this tracks as for example 'Devil lurks Behind a Tie' and 'Liquid Dust' have also found their way on the band's only full-length 'Into The Unknown'. The sound quality isn't always the best, but nevertheless it's interesting how the band developed over the years. It starts with straight-lined heavy rock as in 'Born Too Late', that is no cover of the Saint Vitus anthem, and expires in psychedelic instrumental songs like the fantastic 'Moonflower Blues' or the 50's-tinged 'Cry of the Ocean Queen', that sounds as if the backing band of Chris Isaak has smoked too much weed. Particularly in such moments the band reveals all their capabilities, and Christian Peters creates a trippy atmosphere with his varied guitar playing. 'Garden of Love' is another outstanding track, but I also like the melancholic folk blues of 'Until You Die', where bassist/vocalist Christian Oelke sometimes sounds a bit like Iggy Pop. The thirteen minutes long 'Earthbound' combined all the qualities of the band and is a very good closure for this compilation. Everyone who doesn't know TERRAPLANE should start with the album 'Into The Unknown', but real fans must have 'Low Tide And Shockwave'. It's worth every cent and you can order it directly from the band!