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TEKHTON (Summon The Core) CD

It was in 2003 when I received a demo from a Dutch band named LAHAR, and  I liked this three-tracker so much, that I did an interview with this band. This slab of raw mammoth riffs offered a good mix of Doom and the anger-fueled atmosphere of Sludge, but to be honest it wasn't really easy to describe this merciless sonic bastard. Than the band played at the Doom Shall Rise Festival here in Germany and suddenly it seemed as if they vanished without any last sign. But my supposition was wrong, because they've only transformed their name into TEKHTON and a second guitarist joined the band. 'Summon The Core' is the first result after all this changes and without difficulty the band continue where they have stopped under the name LAHAR. The biggest difference to the old times is not only the new name, but also that TEKHTON sounds more filthy and much heavier than ever before. Even the vocals of Bert-René never sounded so dirty and powerful like now. The last song of the album  'Apocalypse Machine' appears also on the demo and it's a good example to find out the differences between both periods.

Almost all traces of Doom Metal have been brutally erased in favour of a sound that is pure, raw and stripped down. Again it's not easy to describe their massive sound, and it doesn't happen very often that I can't compare a band with another. So it's the case with TEKHTON. The album can be surprisingly melodic in places, even if it sounds like the soundtrack for the movement of the crust of the earth. They know how to integrate different dynamics in the right moment, and in the middle of the album they have placed a very mellow number entitled '03I045', that gives the listener the chance to rest for a few minutes before the next wave of crushing riffs explodes in your brain. The atmospheric and tasteful pictures in the booklet describe the sound of this album much better than my words, but you can be sure that this is a very outstanding band. 'Summon The Core' will grow with each spin and unfolds an intensity, which is rare to find in current times. Once again The Church Within Records released something very special, so it's up to you to discover the harsh beauty of this impressive group.