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Since I've heard the first time about this project of Justin Greaves (Iron Monkey/Hard To Swallow), Greg Anderson, Steve O'Malley and Lee Dorrian I know that the result won't be the typical heavy doom stuff. TOLRTD aren't abstract as Khanate or Sunn O))). It's more something like their own version of merciless funeral doom in the vein of Thergothon or Esoteric, but played in the very own style of the above mentioned musicians. Ok, if you want you can compare it with Burning Witch or Thorr's Hammer" soundwise. Rampton" opens with the longest track "He who accepts all that is offered". After a ten minute long drum part, a sinister and brutal riff sets in and this sonic weighty carthasis rolls over you during the next twenty minutes.But aside of all the devastating heaviness, it's also very meditative and hypnotic in its own way.

The cover-version of the Killdozer track "New Pants And Shirt" is the "shortest" song (7:01) on "Rampton" and TOLRTD have turned this one into a very slow and heavy monster."The Smiler" (17:53) could be a good soundtrack for a very old black and white horror movie, as Nosferatu f.e. There's an organ in it, that gives a creepy feeling to it and Lee's unique tortured vocals are sounding as if there coming out of the big black void. "Rampton" is a black maelstrom without groove and mercy, but very ironic and sarcastic. "Rampton" has been produced and mixed by Billy Anderson who's done again a very good job. I like to recommend this album to the few listeners of ultra-heavy and extreme Doom... you get what you deserve. You can order it directly from SOUTHERN LORD and read the interview inside this webzine.