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Once again it's time for obscure psychedelic music, this time from Italy! TABA is a one-man project and this promo is his last work and fifth release. It's a CD-rom, which contains seven tracks and additional bonus material, as pictures and photos, a homevideo, a discography and more. Anyway, TABA is a musician, who creates mostly instrumental electronic kaleidoscopic psych patterns. It's a very relaxed groovy listening and there's a bit like an ethno vibe over the whole recording. In some of the tracks, he uses samples and electric guitars as in "Sexy Transitor", where he maybe had taken a sample loop out of a porn-flick. In other tracks are additional instruments as piano and violin. TABA isn't as dreamy as Mountain Mirrors f.e., neither you can compare him to Ozric Tentacles and stuff like this. Sometimes he reminds me a bit to Bill Laswell, especially in "Taste of Candy", with its funky bassline or in "The Carnivorous Angel", which sounds a bit like a crossover between Laswell and later Suicide. Although no knock-out, it's good music for dancing or chillin' and smoking, but not recommandable, if you're only focused on heavy hard-hittin' riffs. The latest news are, that TABA has now released a CD, titled "Electronic Transmissions" for the UK-based label Fiendrecordings. For complete informations, check out his website where you can order this CD and other stuff.