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TABA (Hey Don't Care) MCD-R

The music from TABA reminds me to an old friend of mine, who decided to work alone in his small studio instead of playing guitar in a band, and as a result at times, he created with the help of guitar, keyboards and samples songs and soundscapes. Also TABA is only a single person, hailing from Italy, who used guitars, vocals, samples and other electronic stuff to create a hybrid of techno, new wave, trance and space rock. I wrote a review about an older TABA release, entitled "Pure", and not much has changed here, what can be seen as something positive. Here we have three new songs with a total running time of ca. 14 minutes, and again a cut like "Sex on the Floor" is close to later Suicide, while "Hashishiyya" is a smooth grooving number, made for a nice chill-out and due to the title a good background song for the next bong hit. The opener "Hey don't care" is very technoid, but an electric guitar is adding an unexpected space rock edge to it. Once again a nice release from the mysterious TABA, but for my taste the songs could've been much longer so that the music can enfold its strong hypnotic power. But nevertheless, I still have an eye on TABA, because this music still contains a lot of surprises in the future and I like the total independant and underground attitude of this musician.