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V.A.(Sucking The 70s-Back In The Saddle Again) 2CD

The first 'Sucking The 70s' still belong to one of my favourite compilations of all times. Just take some of the best current heavy rock bands and let them do their own interpretations and cover versions of classic 70's rock tunes. The idea was simple but the execution is wonderful and absolutely entertaining. Finally here's the continuation of that successful idea and once again Small Stone Records did their best to make this double CD set as good as the first one. Of course, most of the here included 31 bands deserve the same praise as the record label, and only a very few of the band's contributions are crap. Well, ok, they're not really crap, but just boring or too average in comparison to the highlights of this compilation. Highlights start with SASQUATCH, who immediately catch my attention with a smoking version of 'Are you ready' from Grand Funk Railroad. It's very close to the original song, but nevertheless it sounds like a self-penned cut.

PUNY HUMAN have taken 'Crazy Horses' from The Osmonds and they made a real heavy tune out of it. CLUTCH and FIVE HORSE JOHNSON melted together to one band and due to the funkyness of both bands, they've chosen 'Red Hot Mama' from Funkadelic. Needless to say, that thieir version rules. NOVADRIVER gave 'Sin City' their special treatment and it's a damn fine interpretation of the AC/DC classic. This isn't the only song from that legendary Australian band on this compilation, because THE GLASSPACK chose 'Rock N Roll Singer' and the result will make sure that you'll open the next beer. It's a proof of good taste, that NOVADRIVER as well as THE GLASSPACK did chose songs from the Bon Scott period. I never heard anything before from THE MUGGS, but what they made out of WASP's 'I don't need no doctor' is simply astonishing. Without any doubt it's a very nice song with a great hookline, and THE MUGGS play it as if it was a song from the early 70's. This isn't the only song here, where the interpretation is more interesting than the original track. ROADSAW is also another good example for that, and their version of Led Zeppelin's 'When the Levee breaks' is much better, especially because Craig Riggs doesn't own such a whining voice like Plant. I've been always a huge fan of Lynyrd Skynyrd's 'Saturday Night Special', and RED GIANT's cover is not very different from the original song, but I won't complain about that. There can't much go wrong, when a good band covers a good song.

ALABAMA THUNDERPUSSY show courage, because they play Rainbow's 'Man on the Silver Mountain'. Of course, nobody on this planet can sing like Ronnie James Dio, but ATP are much better than I expected. I never liked Donovan, but I like what GIDEON SMITH & THE DIXIE DAMNED made out of 'Season of the Witch', just because it sounds as if it's an unreleased track of this group. The next two bands, who belong to my personal favourites of this collection are MOS GENERATOR with their very own interpretation of Rush's 'Garden Road' and AMPLIFIED HEAT, who pay tribute to ZZ Top, the kings of heavy boogie. 'Neighbor, Neighbor' is also very close to the original song, and even if you don't know every ZZ Top album, you'll find out very soon that this is a ZZ Top track. This are not all highlights of the compilation, but a few examples for the high quality of 'Sucking The 70s - Back In The Saddle Again'. I don't really like the RPG version of 'Parchment Farm', because you can't do it better than Blue Cheer. They've have played the best version and nobody will beat them - not now and not in hundred years. Usually I like VALIS, but 'Dreamweaver' is doing nothing for me. It's the same with LOS NATAS, who play Steppenwolf's 'Born to be Wild'. Sorry, but I'm so overdosed by this song, that I can't stand it anymore. Despite my critics, this is an outstanding compilation, that comes again in fine packaging and it's the perfect soundtrack for your next party. If you like the first part as much as I do, than you should buy this as soon as possible. I really hope, that Small Stone will come up with the third part of the 'Sucking The 70s' collection, because it would be sad if this was the last one.