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V.A. (Snowstorm Vol.1) CD

This compilation has been put together by Canadian label Pirate Records and the pro-weed activists from Head Magazine to feature fifteen most unknown heavy bands, although DOZER and LOS NATAS are definitely no newcomers. Groups like BUFFALO (not the Australians!), INDIAN, DRAGONAUTA and AXEHANDLE are more known to people, who are interested in the current Doom and Heavy Rock underground, while ABSOLU, ARGONAUT, PETE MOSS, FLOATING WIDGET, PINES, MEDUSA HEAD TRIP, JUMBO'S KILLCRANE, and SQUALOR are deepest sub-underground.

As so often, most of tracks have been released before, especially the one's from the familiar bands, but due to the other bands it makes sense to check out the compilation. Another positive thing about "Snowstorm" is the wide spectrum of heavy music, ranging from Doom (ABSOLU, DRAGONAUTA, INDIAN) over to 70's infected Heavy Rock (BUFFALO, LOS NATAS, ARGONAUT, DOZER, PETE MOSS, FLOATING WIDGET, PINES, MEDUSA HEAD TRIP) to Sludge-driven Metal (AXEHANDLE, JUMBO'S KILLCRANE, SQUALOR).

Ok, it sounds not that varied at first, but mostly all of the presented bands have done good contributions and it's not as if you're listen to fourteen Kyuss-worshippin' bands. Even "Matogrosso" from LOS NATAS is one of their softer psychedelic tracks and has been taken from the "Oba-Trance II" album.  The MEDUSA HEAD TRIP song "Don't Fear the Reefer" is also very nice, and wins hopefully the next award for the funniest song-title. Actually, it's an appropriate for a song on a compilation, that is connected with a magazine about psychoactive substances.....