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I´ve never heard before of this Minnesota based band and this seems to be their first release. It´s a good old vinyl single with four songs on it. When I listen to this EP, I have always EYEHATEGOD in my mind. but SWAMP MONGREL are more melodic and the vocals aren´t so psychotic, but still rough enough. The songs are having strong grooves and simple heavy riffs with a small influence from the early 70´s Heavyrock period.. But on the other side SWAMP MONGREL have a some kind of a Punk/Hardcore background. It shines mostly through all songs, especially "Kicked In The Teeth" the last and fastest song. One of my faves is "Shipwrecked", a heavy mid-tempo crusher or check out "Buried". In the middle of the song, the bands slow things down and they play some fantastic Doom-laden riffs. This band doesn´t invent anything new, but they write catchy song and they aren´t one of those typical "stoner" bands. That´s reason enough, I think. to give this band a listen. The EP comes with a nice cover, fronted by the Swamp Thing. Order it from SWAMP MONGREL´s label at Mongrel Music Records or Swampmongrel5(at)hotmail.com