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SUZUKITON (Service Repair Handbook) CD

While the last releases from Crucial Blast were more focused on the experimental edge of the label, SUZUKITON is more interesting for all fans of instrumental heaviness. Hailing from Richmond, VA, featuring Alabama Thunderpussy  skinsman Bryan Cox, this band has more in store than just playing typical heavy rock without a vocalist; "Service Repair Handbook" is packed with ideas and variations and it's obvious that all four musicians have the ability to play complex music like this.

The band inject a nice amount of  Metal and a bit prog-rock sensibility and create something that is mostly very exciting, especially the first half of the album. Songs like "New Blood", "Arithmatits" or "VIII", which are all enhanced by powerful riffs and impressive breaks, are finest examples for how amazing this band can be. It would've been great, if SUZUKITON had hold that energetic level, but towards the end the band is more interested in feedback-orgies and guitar-masturbation.

Well, that's how it sounds to my ears or am I  just to stupid to understand their greatness? No, I guess I'm just a bit fed up with all this math metal or however one will name it. So, if this would be an CD-EP, containing the first six songs, it would be VERY enjoyable, but due to their "experimental-edge" I must be in a VERY special mood to enjoy the complete album. Not that bad at all, but I think they can do it much better.......