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SUTCLIFFE JÃœGEND, one of the world's leading purveyors of harsh power electronics are back with a new album. The band evolved from legendary Industrial/Noise unit Whitehouse in the early 80's, and are no newcomers for fans of this genre. Here is their latest album in 2008 and has been released by Cold Spring Records, one of the best label for this kind of music. 'Pigdaddy' unleashes a 6 track maelstrom of abstract heavy noise that will shake your brain. In times of moral decay, where men rape their own daughters and lock them up for years, the main topic of this album is extremely controversial and frightening.

No surprise, that the music on this album isn't friendly and peaceful. Creating a bizarre, comfortless atmosphere through the use of electric guitar, mysterious electronic sounds, and strange psychotic vocals, SUTCLIFFE JÃœGEND brings you different layers with complex harsh sounds. Mostly the music is filled with unsettling shifts in both tempo and texture. Sometimes a pulsating rhythm can be heard in the background as in 'Dirty', but that doesn't mean any moment of relaxation. 'Pigdaddy' sucks out every postive emotion of the listener and leaves you alone and confused. Once again an outstanding release, that shows that power electronics can be so much more than just one boring stream of noise.