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This German band was founded in 1992, and after the usual line-up changes, this is the pre-promo of the full-length debut, that will be released at the end of 2003. I remember SUPERSOMA, because they were featured with one track on a bonus CD, titled "Unerhört!" at the Rock Hard last year, one of the biggest German Metal magazines. The writers of this magazin have found out, that SUPERSOMA are comparable to bands like Spirit Caravan and The Obsessed, but this comparison is absolutley not right. I better agree with the band's own self-description, though the term Doomcore doesn't really fit, because for that, they sound a bit too peaceful and alternative rock-like.

Ok, a very few riffs could be from the NOLA-school and the vocals are bit influenced by Phil Anselmo, but to continue with this kind of name-dropping, I would say, that acts as Stone Temple Pilots and Alice In Chains are playing an equal role in the universe of SUPERSOMA, too. I appreciate it, that this band tries to vary their sound. Sometimes, it's a bit more epic Doom-like ("Silver Tone") or the band incorporates stronger Blues elements ("Heaven", "Too Much"). "Two Sides" knows to surprise with fast Thrash Metal elements, which is a nice change to the other included material.

There aren't too many bands around here in Germany, that are playing this kind of heavy music, only Subversion comes to my mind, though Zschopau's finest are more aggressive and heavier. All in all, SUPERSOMA are an indisputable emotional good band with a lot of potential and I think, they must be an amazing live band. Thumbs up for "Heaven"!