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After LID and WET ANIMAL, the next musical sign of life from ex-members of TROUBLE .There were some rumours about the line-up of this project ,but this ends now with the debut from SUPERSHINE.Sadly, Dave Chandler (ex-ST. VITUS) isn't part of this project between Mr. Bruce Franklin (ex-TROUBLE), Doug Pinnick (KING'S X), Jeff Olson (ex-TROUBLE) and Jerry Gaskill, who are playing both drums on different tracks.All songs were written by Franklin/Pinnick except "Shinin' On", a nice GRAND FUNK RAILROAD cover, that fits very good to the other songs. And this musical cooperation from Bruce Franklin and Doug Pinnick shines through all twelve songs. For me as a great TROUBLE fan, it's amazing to hear something new from Bruce Franklin.His unmistakable guitarwork and -sound still consists a lot of heavy doom-laden groovy riffs and a 70's Heavyrock vibe.Most of the SUPERSHINE tracks continue the musical way, TROUBLE took at the beginning of the 90's with the 4th self-titled album.

Together with the melodic and soulful voice from Doug Pinnick and his heavy bassplay SUPERSHINE really starts to shine and they're playin very tight! It's very enjoyable to listen to the whole album,because you find ballads like "In Mourning", "Shadows/Light" which have beautiful moments, beside heavy groovin' tracks like "Kingdom Come", "Take me Away" or "Going Down". But no special song needs to be mentioned, I think. And the more you listen to it the more it grows. The songs were mastered and mixed by Ty Tabor, who has done a fine work. The production sounds clear and strong, not overproduced. SUPERSHINE are playing finest 70's-influenced Heavyrock in a modern and solid way and everyone who loves TROUBLE, the heavy songs of KINGS'S X or bands like LOTUS, GOV'T MULE, LAS CRUCES etc. should listen to SUPERSHINE...I think you won't be disappointed. Go to your favourite recordstore and watch out for this project or visit the METAL BLADE website. Peace!!!