Whenever I'm bored of all those bands who pretend how much they hate the world, and everything else then the second last album from SUPERCHRIST is the perfect choice. Bassist/vocalist Chris Black and crew are around since 1998 and have established the name SUPERCHRIST as an absolute term in metal underground circles. Originally released by Famine Records in 2007 and re-released through Rock Saviour Records, 'Headbanger' is their fifth full-length and a manifesto against all the bands and musicians who take themselves so seriously. Song titles like 'Fuck like a Priest', 'Electric Penis' or 'Built for Sin' make sure that you'll be faced with some provocative tongue-in-cheek lyrics. So everyone who's infected with a politically correct virus will turn their heads distastefully. Well, enough ramblings about the lyrics - it's about time to write some words about the music. What we have here is a blistering and refreshing amalgam of Motörhead with influences from bands like early Saxon or The Rods. In the veins of SUPERCHRIST is also an overdose of rock 'n' roll and they have a splendid talent to write extremely catchy songs so that 'Headbanger' will entertain you from start to finish. I'm sorry to say that I can't compare the album to previous releases, but I've heard that the older stuff is less melodic and more filthy sounding. Anyway, I really like this a lot and maybe you feel likewise.