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SUNRIDE (Through The Red) LP/CD

Finland's SUNRIDE are coming up with another solid release, again on People Like You Records. SUNRIDE continues progressing their sound, and so "Through The Red" is their best album until now. They've integrated a stronger metallic edge in the songs, and especially the transparent and powerful production emphasis this change. There's still the straight Rock 'n' Roll influence, and the strong vocals of singer Jani Peippo are belonging to the earmarks of SUNRIDE. But what I personal miss are the big hooklines, that would elevate this band out of the masses. My personal impression is, that whenever SUNRIDE starts with a very good idea ("False Independance"f.e.), they are destroying it with a mediocre refrain. It seems, as if this band trys to write intense music, but they haven't really reached their goal. Don't misunderstand, "Through The Red" isn't a worse album. SUNRIDE have a crunchy guitarsound, and when I listen to a song like "Days Inside The Capsule" I wish, they've wriiten more songs like that. But there are so much bands around, playing the same kind of rock, that a solid release is not enough in current times, where every shitty underground band got the possibility to release something. If you like the previous records of SUNRIDE, than I recommend this album to you, but in a case of doubt, you better listen to it before at your local record store.