SUNRIDE (The Great Infiltration) CD/LP

Finland's heavy underground seems to grow stronger during the last years. Doom bands like Reverend Bizarre or Minotauri or heavy sludge rockers Fleshpress and not to forget the thunderous heavy Rock of Plutonium Orange just to mention only a few. And SUNRIDE, of course with the second release on PLY and these young guys have a good sense for catchy melodies. Influenced from 60's Detroit Rock and Australian Stuff like Radio Birdman etc and all wrapped up in a fat and distorted metallic guitar sound fronted by a talented and charismatic-sounding singer.

Not all of all ten songs are high energetic. A small Gothic vibe in "Palatine" or the instrumental title-track with a didge player are making this album more diverse. SUNRIDE aren't exactly treading new ground and there's one of those typical cliche stoner tracks titled "Deadwrong Companion". I've listened to those kind of tracks much to often in the last seven years, so please have mercy...

With a little bit more orginality SUNRIDE could become an outstanding band and if they stay on their way you can still put them to the inspiring acts of this genre. At least, I really know to appreciate it when there are no dragsters, flames or Pin-Ups on the cover . My advice is to check out this album, because it simply rocks. For more informations go to People Like You Records or visit the official SUNRIDE center.