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SUNNSHINE (No More Forever) CD

A few years ago I received a promo-disc of Underdogma Records, entitled 'Engender' from a band called SUNNSHINE, hailing from the USA. I was impressed from what I heard, because it was a well-crafted heavy sound, far away from the usual 70's heavy rock or doom metal patterns. That doesn't mean, SUNNSHINE have nothing in common with both styles, but they add  a stronger hardcore edge to the entire mix.

Shortly after, we of CosmicLava decided to do an interview with the band, and brother El Zock was the one who did it. As far as I remember, this was the last time I heard anything from the band, and I often asked myself what happenend to them. 'No More Forever' is the answer to my questions, because this a farewell compilation  which includes all songs SUNNSHINE recorded between 1993 - 2001. It was an excellent idea of Swell Creek and Daredevil Records to release this disc, because it shows again how powerful this band has been, and it remains a mystery to me why they never had the chance to record a full-length. Even the newer songs here, which has been recorded in 2001 are a document of the band's abilities and talent.

Their sound was always more influenced by the darker side of life, where anger and desperation are to find. Maybe that's one of the reason, why they had  a stronger doom influence than bands like Only Living Witness or Disengage, who are comparable to SUNNSHINE. And they have had a real massive and heavy sound, what is always something I prefer. This is the final testament from a very talented band, and they recorded some real powerful music. R.I.P. SUNNSHINE.