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A new release in 2001 on the high grade riff rock label UNDERDOGMA. SUNNSHINE have played shows with bands like BOTTOM, SOULPREACHER  WEEDEATER or THE ATOMIC BITCHWAX in the past and so they have a good reputation in the American underground scene.The Richmond based band worships, like the name says, Sunn amps. But only Sunn amps aren´t responsible for an own musical identity and in some moments SUNNSHINE are sounding like a lot of other bands, that are playing in the same Heavyrock territory. But that´s my personal impression ,so I will give you a small description of "Engender". My personal fave is the last song "Bound", filled with heaviest Doom-laden riffs and a slow hypnotic groove. The raw vocals of Joe Deleon are shining through this dark and massive wall of sound, where only the dark Sun(n) shines.

"Untrained Eye" is another good song, that reminds me a little bit to a mixture between TOOL and ATP. Maybe it sounds strange, but it works.The opener "Aviator" offeres all the typical trademarks of heavy riff rock. There´s also a small Southern Rock vibe in this song, but nothing real spectacular. "Engender", the title track is an interesting song that is somewhere between SIXTY WATT SHAMAN, TOOL and early SOUNDGARDEN. It´s nearly nine minutes long and together with "Bound" both songs are reason enough for me to say, that SUNNSHINE are one of the better bands in the Heavyrock genre. You can order this cd ep directly from UNDERDOGMA. Check out the SUNNSHINE website for complete informations about this band.