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SUNN 0))) (00 Void) CD/2LP

"Power Ambient Drone" is the self-description of their music and it fits! Four songs in 60 minutes show you that SUNN 0))) are playing no ordinary heavy-stuff. They follow the footsteps of EARTH(not the later records) with one difference. SUNN 0))) are heavier and they use one guitar and two basses,nothing else. There are little effects in the songs,but both basses fulfil the leading role. They play sub-tones,that are a good test for your ears and your loudspeaker. SUNN 0))) piles up one monumental riff on the other and it´s the perfect trip for a relaxed listening and,maybe, a mystical expierence.The third song is a MELVINS cover, and it reminds me a lot to Joe Prestons solo EP. The musicians behind this band are well-known for most people, I think. Greg Anderson, Steve O'Malley and Scott Reeders who is also responsible for the production of "00 Void".There are some guest-musicians here like Pete Stahl, who does some kind of "singing". I recommend this record to everyone,who likes EARTH and for people which like extreme slow ambient music. This record was released as a two LP-set on HYDRAHEAD REC. or you can buy the CD version on RISE ABOVE.