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SUN GODS IN EXILE (Black Light White Lines) CD

It's not often that I'm particularly impressed by a new band, but the debut album from SUN GODS IN EXILE hit the bullseye. Since the day I received my last promo package from Small Stone Records it's almost impossible for me to get this disc out of my player. Founded in early 2008 by former members of Cortez and Ocean, SUN GODS IN EXILE is a high-octane rock 'n' roll machine, driven by the spirit of the 70's. However, this doesn't mean that they are a new retro hardrock band. They're rolling through the current decade, but the band is aware of the roots and tradition of its ancestors. While some of the so-called classic rock bands sound as if they only make music for people over forty, SUN GODS OF EXILE don't have much in common with dusty twelve-bar blues rock. This should also be of interest to younger generations. It would be unfair to pick out only one member of the band, but the vocals of guitarist Adam Hitchcock are just top-class: authentic, bluesy, snotty and bursting with emotion. That's just pefect, especially for this style of rock.

On the front cover and inside the booklet one can see several muscle cars, but this fits marvellously to the heavy rock 'n' roll of SUN GODS IN EXILE. Even if you never had the chance to drive a '69 GTO this album gives you the feeling of cruising on an endless highway. There are also a few suprises such as 'Heaven Help Us All' with an additional NWOBHM edge. Some songs have been strongly influenced by the good old southern rock, but are still fresh and downright dynamic. And last but not least, this four guys are skilled in writing extremely catchy songs. Here are songs like 'Rise Up', 'Mexico' or 'Turbo Fire' that I can't get out of my mind. Have I already mentioned the additional keyboards in 'Black Magic'? Awesome! The band is not afraid to write songs that are emotionally varied. Like several times before, Small Stone Records has a pretty good hand in detecting exceedingly good bands and SUN GODS IN EXILE is no exception. Believe me or not, but here we have the next killer album in 2009. What for a great year for good music!