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SUBCAOS / GENITAL DEFORMITIES (Metälpünk Invasion) Split 7" EP

As the title 'Metälpünk Invasion' already indicates, here you will get an undiluted dose of punk-infused heavy metal. There is nothing new about this, but as long as the music is played with such determination and passion as here, I won't complain. The sound as well as the cover artwork emits mid-1980s charm and is very reminiscent of my own youth. Even then, this kind of styling was very popular, where one can see a bunch of punks that, on the one hand, are influenced by the English punk style and, on the other hand, are inspired by U.S. hardcore punk. At that time an artwork like that was an appeal for unity because in the mid-1980s punk has split into several sub-genres and I can remember quite vividly the ideological battles between all this groups. But I digress so let me return, however, to the present topic.

Opening the round is SUBCAOS from Portugal, featuring F.J. Dias from Dawnrider and Blood & Iron Records. As previously stated, this band (as well as GENITAL DEFORMITIES) won't win an innovation prize, but it's still lots of fun to listen to their two tracks 'Armies Of The Night' and 'Metalpunx 4 Life!'. The first cut is shifting between mid/uptempo and F.J. once again proves that is a very expressive and powerful frontman. His voice is the icing on the cake, but I also like the heavy, filth-encrusted riffs. The second track 'Metalpunx 4 Life!' is a bit different and offers less variety due to the fast pace.

On the flipside England's GENITAL DEFORMITIES present two tracks ('Silent Victims' and 'Demon Seed') which are also downright heavy. Among other things, this is cared for by vocalist Sean who sounds like a ferocious male grizzly bear. But also the sound is significantly rougher and a bit doomier than SUBCAOS. All in all, this EP (which has been released by Blood & Iron Records in partnership with Your Poison Records) offers the possibility to discover two very promising underground bands. So if you are a self-proclaimed metal punk than you should definitely buy a copy of this vinyl platter.