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STYGIAN SHORE (The Shore Will Arise) CD

What for a tremendous start from the US underground label Shadow Kingdom Records, which is focused on Doom and Heavy Metal. This is their very first release, and it's been a long time ago, since I've discovered such an unique band like STYGIAN SHORE, which seems to be forgotten by the history of metal. Hailing from the USA, the group began as a trio in 1982 and it's surprising that the three members were only between 15 and 17 years, when they start to play and rehearse, because this album sounds, as if it has been recorded by a band which plays together for ten years. Sadly to report, that they only exsisted for two years, before bass-player Greg Marshall lost his right hand due to an accident. Before this accident, the group recorded only one EP for Roadster Records, which received a lot of good reviews from the metal press. But the accident was reason enough for the guys do declare the end of STYGIAN SHORE, because all have been very good friends and the two remaining members didn't want to continue with a new four stringer. But Greg Marshall learned to play with a hook (by the way, just take a look at the pics in the booklet!), and so the band entered the studio in 1989 to record the album 'The Shore Will Arise', which never was released until the year 2007. Thanks to Tim of Shadow Kingdom Records for exhuming this incredible album! STYGIAN SHORE played a sound, which was strongly inspired by the period of NWOBHM but much heavier than most of the UK-bands who've been around at this time.

And 'The Shore Will Arise' can be damn heavy at times, and more than only once Tony Iommi's spirit shines through the guitar work of this album. Like Mr. Iommi, guitarist Mike Palmer is also a very soulful player, who knows to impress with heaviest riffs, and melodic solos, too. Of course, it's not only the heaviness of the band, which is reason for my enthusiastic review, but also the fact that they have written real emotional songs, where 'World Wilted Wings' is only one example out of the here included thirteen tracks. The monolithic opener 'Immortal Soul' is Epic Doom, and would stand each comparison with Nemesis/Candlemass or Trouble, which released their first albums in the early 80's, too. Well, this album has been recorded at the end of the 90's, but the here included material is from the early 80's, so what?! When STYGIAN SHORE leave doomed territories, they mostly never lose their epic vibe or their heaviness, and their songs are damn catchy without being cheesy. The clear and powerful vocals are always at the right place and they fit excellent to the entire music. For my taste, this album is Heavy Metal in it's purest form, because it's HEAVY and it's METAL. So, I can only give you the advice to discover this gem, because it's worth every cent.