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STUMM / TAUNT Split-7"

This 7" has already been released in June 2007, but because of the worse vinyl quality, Calculon Records stopped the pressing and started again from the beginning. This here is the re-release from August 2007, that is now sounding and looking as the label wanted it. Based in the UK, Calculon Records are mainly focused on Sludge, and this heavyweight black vinyl single features two new heavy underground bands. STUMM is a Finnish group, who are definitely the winner of this split-7". Their ultra-heavy sound is extremely dirty and hateful, while the vocalist owns a sick and filthy voice, as one had to expect it from a good Sludge band. The song is entitled '2x6' and knows also to surprise with a few themes, which are reminding me to the most raw and primitive Black Metal band of all times: Ildjarn. The last surprise is, that this track has been mastered by James Plotkin (Old, Phantomsmasher, Khanante). TAUNT call themselves a raw and primitive Sludge band, and they reached their goal with the instrumental track 'I'. Here happens nothing, and even Grief have offered more variation with their songs than TAUNT. For me, it's just a bore, and I have to underline, that TAUNT are lightyears away from the greatness of Grief. Well, anyway, Calculon Records did release another nice chapter of its 7" series, and it's always a good possibility to discover new bands. Stay sick!