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STUFF (Megacity Junglebells) MCD:

STUFF are coming from my local area, called Ruhrgebiet. Their sound isn't the typical music, I'm featuring here at Cosmic Lava webzine but due to my past I like to present you this band. Some of the members have played before in diverse local underground bands and one of this bands were Oberhausen's Anti-Heroes, a local Punk-band, that existed for some years and reached also a small international attention in the 80's. This is STUFF's first self-released CD-EP, where they presenting us five melodic Punk Rock songs, that are oriented back to the late 70's/mid 80's. Although the songs are full of sweet melodies, there's enough drive and dirt in the up-tempo tracks and the rough singing gives the songs a bigger emotional approach. The honest and inspiring lyrics are about the good and sad experiences, you can make during your lifetime. My faves are the catchy "Who Knows" and the dynamic "All Days", but there's no real worse song on "Megacity Junglebells". The whole package looks very professional with a full-coloured cover booklet and additional lyrics. The total playing time is about 16 minutes and for an order and contact the band write to AndreVorreiter(at)gmx.de.