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70's infected heavy fuzz-rock: chapter 666; once again it's a Swedish band featuring members of Demoncleaner and Greenleaf. This is their debut disc, released by Daredevil Records, and  STONEWALL NOISE ORCHESTRA fits perfectly to their other bands, which are at home there. 'Vol.1' is  straight pounding heavy  riffrock with an overall mood which reminds not only at Kyuss and their musical worshippers, but also to early Danzig and Black Sabbath, too. 

This dark edge gives the included ten cuts more depth and intensity, while the deep and evocative vocals of Lars-Inge are drenched in a bath of goth and blues.  All this makes their sound more interesting to me, in opposite to some of their comrades, who are sounding a little bit too cheesy for me at times. At least, the fat and powerful production emphasizes the qualities of STONEWALL NOISE ORCHESTRA, and it's a pleasure to listen to all ten songs here. So, this isn't just the next boring riff n' roll band, but also a good proof to all those who think, that this kind of music is already dead. Well worth a listen!