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STONER KINGS (Fuck The World) CD

It looks as if the group had listened a lot to Zack Wylde's BLS, since their first effort 'Brimstone Blues'. This was the first thing I noticed, when I start to listen to 'Fuck The World'. They have nearly the same sound and production, but meanwhile I'm fed up with this trendy monstrous, down-tuned heaviness, because, at least  it's nothing more than a soulless and sterile effect. It's as if a very skinny guys pulls a lot of pillows under his jacket to look muscular.... Of course, the band now uses more frequently the word 'motherfucker' in their lyrics, too, what makes it sometimes not easy for me to keep on listening. But I still hope, that vocalist Starbuck don't crushes beer cans at his head, like Wylde uses to do. The songs are made for big stadiums, and I guess, that's exactely the place where STONER KINGS wants to play: in front of 10.000 people. Maybe this will happen someday, because every cut contains a refrain, which you could singalong after the fifth beer.

Just check out 'Cyclone (The Sky Is Falling)' or 'Angel Weed' or 'Doomsday Sunrise' etc. .. only the opener 'Ichabod/Scum of the Earth' and 'Sweet Misery' steps out of the band's patterns. Not that I'm against catchy songs, but very often 'Fuck The World' leaves the impression as if it was only made to earn a lot of money and being hip.

The backcover of the cover shows the band, sitting in front of a wall, which is covered by posters from bands like The 69 Eyes, In Flames, Hanoi Rocks, Sentenced or Type O Negative, and maybe all fans of this band should invest their money in 'Fuck The World' to make STONER KINGS rich and famous. But it's strange, that the band uses the slogan  '110% Underground & Independant' in the logo of their own label Rebel Breed Records, because this music has nothing in common with both terms.  I guess, they will reach more interested people with the new album, but I'm not among them. Sorry, guys and good luck!