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STONER KINGS (Brimstone Blues) CD/LP

Due to the name, I've expected some kind of worse "desert" rock or the next Kyuss clone. Gladly, I was wrong . This Helsinki-based band comes up with ten ripping R 'n' R tunes, heavy from the start to the end. Formed in the fall of 2000 by Canadian-born vocalist/songwriter/band-leader Starbuck. His vocals are only one of the reasons why the STONER KINGS aren't belonging to the mass of boring bands. And when I see the live pics of the band, Starbuck must also be a charasmatic and entertaining frontman. But the whole band got a very good reputation for there testosterone-charged live gigs. The next point is the metal-influenced guitarwork of Shank and Wolf connected with some song arrangements and melodies, that are influenced from sleaze and glam rock like in "Stonehenge". Together with the tight boogie-driven rythm section of drummer Crash and bassist Gonzo. "Brimstone Blues" is a damn fine album.

It´s agressive and full of catchy melodies and, like I´ve mentioned before more Metal than wimpy cliche stoner. For me, the STONER KINGS are the next positive Finnish surprise after Plutonium Orange, but please guys why have you chosen such a name? Is it meant as a provoking joke ? I hope so...Don't get confused by the name and order this recommandable album, if you like a original crushing mix between Guns 'n' Roses, White Zombie, Misfits, ZZ Top, Black Sabbath, New York Dolls and so on than check this out. Hope to see the Kings on tour !!! "Brimstone Blues" will be released in January 2002 on the new label Rebel Breed Recordings.