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Recently, I wrote a review about the new album from Motorjesus, but my enthusiasm was very limited. The reason is mainly that I don't like bands who will do anything to become commercially successful. Furthermore, I just don't like hardrock that has been considerably watered down with smooth vocal harmonies and catchy pop hooks. As you're probably thinking, what does all that have to do with STONEHEAD who also come from Germany? Well, the answer is very simple! STONEHEAD show how to do it better. 'Dead Leaf', released in October 2010, is their second self-financed EP which offers five tracks that are full of thunderous, heavy riffs and gnarly vocals. One can feel that STONEHEAD don't want to make any compromises, and the best is that they have preserved the rebellious spirit of rock 'n' roll.

It is of course clear, that they did not invent anything new, but STONEHEAD don't try to hide their musical influences. For one thing, Motörhead plays a central role in most of their songs, but they are willing to make experiments. 'The Game' opens with a long didgeridoo passage and a little later on a hypnotic drum beat joins in. Clearly, this experiment was pretty successful. 'The Day We Die' is a bit calmer and reveals a preference for bands such as Alice In Chains or Soundgarden. Here again, STONEHEAD cut a fine figure. But their main armament is definitely Nobbi's (guitar/vocals) raspy voice. If neccessary he sounds like a bloodthirsty barbarian who is on the warpath. But he, too, knows when it's time to change to the second gear. I can well imagine that STONEHEAD unfold their complete power on stage, but 'Dead Leaf' is especially suitable for a wild air guitar session at home. Also really nice to see here is the tasteful packaging. Good on you!