STONE AXE (Extended Play) MCD

Finally a new release from the fabulous STONE AXE, who preserve the cultural heritage of Free, Bad Company and Thin Lizzy. 'Extended Play' has been released in 2009 through RxEvolution Recordings and offers three brandnew songs and four live tracks. As in the past, the studio songs have been recorded by Dru Brinkerhoff (vocals) and Tony Reed (all instruments), and continues seamlessly from the excellent debut album. 'Ain't Gonna Miss It' evokes the spirit of Free, and you can be sure that it's a very successful revitalization. I don't think there is anything to criticize about it: in my opinion, everything is in its place, starting with first-class riffs, through the soulful vocals of Dru Brinkerhoff, and all the way up to catchy hooklines. This also applies to the second track 'King of Everything' with the only difference, that it pays homage to Led Zeppelin. 'Those were the Golden Years' once again reveals that Tony Reed is a great singer, who has so much in common with Phil Lynott. I didn't notice this before.

Well, actually, the whole song could be an unreleased Thin Lizzy song, but it has a life of it's own and rather sounds like a honest declaration of love for the famous Irish rock band than anything else. It continues with the four live tracks, which have been recorded in July 2009 at Rocket Records. Although all songs were already released before, it's still really amazing to listen to them, especially because STONE AXE presents itself as a "real" band featuring Mykey Haslip on drums and Mike DuPont on bass. The songs are taken from the debut record and the sound quality is top notch. And thus everything about 'Extended Play' has been said. If you adore STONE AXE as much as I do, than this is a must-have. If you have never heard before of this great band, than this is a good start to get to know them better. For all you vinyl junkies: 'Extended Play' is also available as 10" on Hydro-Phonic Records, including a different cover artwork.