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This isn't the newest album of this all-instrumental Philadelphia power trio, but it's still worth to be reviewed and presented here. Maybe some would call this group a progressive rock band, but there's much more in their music. There's a real improvisational and free-flowing spirit in all of the eleven tracks on "Slaughterhouse", but this three musicians aren't losing the red thread. Drummer Cheshire Agusta is the driving force of this band. Her style is full of creativity, with very intersting cymbal work and a sometimes unusual style of playing. Alexi Papadopoulos is playing the upright electric bass with so much virtuosity and he sets some heavy accents into the songs. His pulsating rythm really kicks ass in some of the tracks. And then there's his brother, guitarist Yanni Papadopoulos. In some moments he plays a sort of guitar noise, just to switch over to jazzy riffs or a short interwoven melody.

His guitar isn't sounding that heavy, but the intesity of his playing can only be described as heavy in a positive sense of this word. Everything sounds very organic and is tied together tightly. But aside of all this technical aspects I love the emotions this band carries in all song.There's a dark and moody vibe over the whole album and it's music that makes you think. "Slaughterhouse" is a beautiful pearl and aside of all the complex structures, it's still music that you can feel. And you don't miss any vocals, because they would only disturb the flow and the dynamics within the whole album. If I should compare them to another bands, which is very difficult I would mention Victims Family, the softer stuff of John Zorn and a little 70's jazz rock. But at least, STINKING LIZAVETA are doing their very own thing and I give you the advice to check them out. This music can free your mind, if you want. For more informations visit the Lizaveta' website and order this album directly from Tolotta Records.