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STARSHIP PUSHER (Elephant Stomp) Promo MCD-R

Formed under the name DUNE a few years ago, this Italian four-piece had some problems with their old singer in the past, but now they've found a new one and so they've decided to continue under the new name STARSHIP PUSHER. I've never listen to their old stuff, but the new vocalist Mazmu is doing a great job. His diverse and expressive style fits totally good into four tracks that are presented here. This four-piece is trying to work out an own musical way, that's of course very heavy but far away from all those "stoner" stereotypes.You won't here any fuzz-laden guitarsound, and no doomy tracks. This promo starts off with "Just like Water", that sounds as an early Hawkwind song, but after a minute it changes into something own. There's still a space rock vibe over a few songs, but I won't call STARSHIP PUSHER a space rock or psych band.

"Part of Me" is like a journey through different moods from melancholic parts to energetic highs."Camel" comes up with a stomping and crushing groove and "Sweet Soul Sound" reminds me a bit of a mellow Monster Magnet tune, especially Mazmu sounds a bit as Wyndorf. And I must admit, that "Elephant Stomp" grows with every listening. To sum it up, STARSHIP PUSHER are the next hopeful and talented Italian band and with a thicker production they really deserved to get more attention. So it's up to all you owners of a record label to sign this band and to you, dear reader to check out this band. I'm doing the Cosmic Lava, but I would release a full-length album of them if I could. Highly recommandable! You can contact the band at: Starshipusher@hotmail.com.